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Why A&A

A local, fully-insured family business with over 18 years of experience and the best equipment that improves safety and maximizes efficiency - saving our clients time and money.

Why A&A: Welcome
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Local, Fully-Insured, Family Business

A&A is a local, fully-insured, small family business with a passion for safety. We remove problems trees for our community with a track record of safe, efficient and clean tree removals — spear-headed by the father and son team, Anthony & Aiden.

Anthony got his start young, building communication towers and then working for a telephone line company. These industries gave him great experience working at elevated heights, tree rigging and tree removal. These skills naturally lead him into the arborist field, specifically tree removal services. 

Over 18 Years of Industry Experience

For the past 18 years, A&A has been taking care of problem trees for clients in their community. Fast forward to today, as the business grows, Anthony's son Aiden has joined the team to serve their clients and help the family business grow.

Combining years of previous on the job work experience building communication towers up to 1000 feet high, building telephone lines & line clearing trees with over a decade of residential and commercial tree removal.

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The Best Equipment Improves Safety & Efficiency

A&A combines years of experience with nothing but the best equipment to ensure the safety of our team and your property. With our lift that spans over 85-feet up in the air and has a 35-foot horizontal reach, the team can safely remove any tree regardless of present obstacles or hazards.

The lift is one of only 3 in Ontario and significantly improves safety and maximizes efficiency, saving our clients time and money.

Accompanying the team and our state of the art lift is our skid steer with a stump grinder and grapple attachments. As well as our wood chipper that makes quick work of all waste from the tree removal process.

Ensuring a quick clean up of your property, removing any debris leaving the job site as we found it, in perfect condition.

Certified and Academically Trained

In addition to our over 18 years of experience we are also fully certified in Line Clearing-Safety and Awareness, which provides training with working close to power lines. Without this training many operators do not know the industry standards for safe practices when working close to live power lines.

Aiden has also graduated post-secondary education in Urban Arboriculture at Humber College to advance his industry knowledge. Complementing Anthony's real-world experience with an academic background.

Learning about all aspects of urban tree care including tree health and hazard assessment, climbing, pruning, riggin, aerial rescue, chainsaw maintenance and use, and an industry standard of safety.

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